Planktonic AS is a Norwegian company dedicated to the development and production of live feed and preserved feed for the aquaculture and aquarium industry.  Our value proposition is based on using natural zooplankton as feed for marine species, where the individual zooplankton itself is an intact feed particle, with   all its natural qualities preserved, whether it be live or inert feed.  Planktonic AS has developed novel and game changing techniques for commercially utilizing this vast natural marine resource, in a sustainable way.

Based on extensive scientific research into zooplankton, combined with a thorough understanding of the needs of commercial aquaculture, the company aims to be a recognized leader within the market for live feed for marine species.  Planktonic AS has developed a unique cryopreservation technology, enabling the preservation and revival of live crustacean nauplii. This could potentially replace most of the use of rotifers and artemia as live feed for the aquaculture industry going forward..

Our products:

Live feed:
Planktonic AS has  developed a unique and proprietary  way of cryopreserving a crustacean nauplii and are able to deliver live feed to hatcheries of marine species in an industrial scale, all year round. The nauplii is harvested from natural resources off the Norwegian coast. The feed is delivered in user friendly quantities, in convenient containers, and all the farmer needs to do is thaw and revitalize the nauplii for a short period of time, and the nauplii will resume their normal swimming activity and are ready to be fed as live feed.

This could potentially be a game changer in the rearing of several marine species that experience difficulties today as a result of inferior start feed, costly and complicated production and/or variations in availability. Our live feed has been successfully demonstrated, and is now in commercial use at several marine hatcheries in Norway. Both as a replacement for traditional live feed as artemia, as well as replacing dry feed.

The hatcheries report:

  • Visibly better growth and pigmentation of fish larvae given Planktonic feed, compared to other feeds.
  • Far less mortalities than control groups given traditional feed.
  • Extremely easy to use, no need to keep cultures of algae, rotifers and artemia in the hatchery. More efficient use of space in the hatchery, and the feed is ready when the fish are!
  • When replacing dry feed, an added benefit is a highly improved environment in the fish tank. Time spent cleaning the tanks for bacteria growth reduced to almost zero.
  • Histology shows far better fish health for larvae given Planktonic feed than traditional/dry feed. Better intestines, better digestion, less inflammatory reactions, and low levels of fat in the liver of lumpfish which is sign of a healthy fish larvae.

Only a few per thousand of the bacteria present in traditional live feed cultures are found in our cryopreserved plankton. Analysis shows no detection of Vibrio spp. in our diet.  In traditional live feed cultures it is often about 50% opportunistic bacteria as Vibrio spp. which represents a source of infection for the fish larvae to be cultivated. Pathogenic viruses, bacteria and parasites which are of a concern for the aquaculture industry have been analysed, and all batch samples of the cryopreserved nauplii are found to be negative . The reason for the low concentrations of bacteria in the cryopreserved nauplii is our unique methodology for supressing microbes.

Typical concentrations of cultivable bacteria in various types of live feeds. The figure display a 98% post thawing reduction of bacteria in the cryopreserved nauplii.


Pathogens of concern for the aquaculture industry has been analysed, and all are below detection level.


A high percentage opportunistic bacteria (as e.g. Vibrio spp.) of the total microbes in live feeds is attended with a risk of source of infection for the fish larvae to be cultivated. In the Cryopreserved nauplii, no Vibrio spp. are so far found in the analysed samples.


Preserved feed:
Preserved plankton is a high quality (wet) feed that consist of individually intact zooplankton with an optimal nutritional profile for fish and crustacean juveniles. The raw material is wild caught marine copepods, harvested in the cold northern Norwegian waters. The high quality of the feed is due to Planktonic’s unique preservation method, applied within one hour after harvest, resulting in very low leakage of nutrients from the copepods into the water. The product is sterile and contains no virus, bacteria or parasites. Planktonic can offer a complete range of feed products, based on various types of marine copepods, the natural choice of feed for marine species in the wild. Numerous trials and scientific studies have shown that our feed boosts growth, increases survival, gives better pigmentation and increases stress tolerance in marine fish, shrimp and other crustaceans and ornamentals.

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